Your website could be one of millions around the world that is powered by WordPress with help and support from Coldstar Systems.

WordPress is one of the largest, most trusted hosting, blogging and web development tools available, with millions of people using its content management system daily. If you require a specific function for your website, want to have a particular design or need flexibility for your content, then we can make it happen through WordPress.

WordPress is highly customisable, with thousands of themes and plug-ins ready to be installed, making it ideal for a wide variety of uses, from portfolio showcases to blogging and e-commerce. With a CMS that is renowned for being user-friendly, maintaining and updating your website is incredibly easy.

Our WordPress service begins with a meeting and consultation to ensure that we find the best platform for your website. Coldstar Systems has the expertise to design a theme for your website using our tried and tested web design techniques, incorporating the features you need to achieve your business objectives.

Using our skills in PHP, MySQL, HTML and CSS, we will get to work on developing the site, plug-ins and widgets. As with all Coldstar Systems' projects, you WordPress site will be responsive and SEO ready. Once the creation stages are complete, we test all aspects of the site before preparing for the big launch.

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